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Pros del Golf d'Arcangues

Pros del Golf d'Arcangues

Los pros del club pueden aprenderles a realizar todos los golpes en situación. como si usted estuviera en un recorrido.

Previa solicitud, los jugadores del exterior pueden también utilizar este lugar para una duración de 2 horas si un pro les acompaña. Antes de trabajar su swing, tendrán que presentarse en la recepción para que se les explique el funcionamiento del Centro. 

Dominique BEIGBEDER, Professional

Brevet 2nd degree (1999)

Having played on the French circuit (1985 - 1994) as a right-hander, though he is naturally left-handed, Dominique re-learnt to play golf left-handed from 1995 and can now play par left or right handed. He came to Arcangues in 1999 and is now a full-time professional, and also teaches for the Golf School.
Contact him for individual and group lessons, adult training sessions, children's lessons, and rounds with the pro.

To book a lesson with Dominique :


Olivier LEGLISE, National coach

Brevet 2nd degree

Olivier Léglise was first a player on the French and European circuits (1979 - 1990), and then became golf professional at the Golf d’Arcangues from 1991 to 2005. Oliver Léglise has also been coaching professional players on behalf of the French Golf Federation since 2006. He is currently coaching Greg Bourdy, Gregory Hébert, Edouard Espana and Romain Wattel. In addition, Olivier Léglise continues to advise the Golf d'Arcangues on technical questions concerning the course and its ongoing improvement.

Jean-Marc LECUONA, Professional

Brevet 2nd degree - FFG coach since 2003

Originally from Ciboure, the Golf de la Nivelle, Jean Marc Lecuona taught successively at the Golf de Cognac (1991), the Golf of St Quentin (1995) and the Golf de Joyenval (2011)
A good golfer himself, he became Champion of France of Golf Teachers in El Jadida in 2002. Full-time Pro at the Golf d’ Arcangues since 2011, he has been chosen by the FGF to coach the region's best young golfers.

To book a lesson with Jean-Marc :

Email :
Téléphone :

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