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Pays Basque and Landes

Canoe in the Landes Rafting in the Basque Country rafting

The Basque Country offers a whitewater playground
at the foot of the Pyrenees, in the midst of an unspoiled nature

Not far from the coast and its fine sandy Beaches, the whitewater rafting companies on the Nive river offer activities for the whole family and for the more sporty, supervised by experienced instructors and with all equipment provided.

The main attraction here is the rafting. With family or friends, a ride in an inflatable (and unsinkable) boat takes about two hours.

Canyoning, more athletic, delights nature lovers: walking, jumping, swimming, sliding in natural water slides, swimming under waterfalls ....

On a hydrospeed, in the middle of the river, with fins and lying on a foam float, you will feel like a fish in water ...

Whether you try your hand with a kayak, the Airyak (pneumatic kayak), the canoraft or hotdog, a mini-raft or a buoy, I guarantee you a great day out in breathtaking surroundings.

Basque Country Company Address Telephone
Anglet ANGLET OLYMPIQUE CANOË KAYAK Place du docteur Gentilhe 06 15 54 60 41
rafting - stage - on the Nive river
Bizanos STADE D'EAUX VIVES PAU-PYRENEES 39 avenue de l'Yser 05 59 40 85 44
kayak - rafting - nage en eau vive - canoë -  on the Nive river
Bidarray ARKETA 05 59 37 71 34
rafting - hydrospeed - canyoning - tubing - hotdog -  on the Nive river
Bidarray COCKTAIL AVENTURE RN 918 05 59 37 76 24
rafting - mini raft - canyoning - hydrospeed - hot dog - bouée -  on the Nive river
Bidarray UHINA RAFTING rue Latxaia 06 15 38 79 38
rafting - bouée - mini raft - canoë raft -  on the Nive river
Bidarray UR BIZIA RAFTING Erramondeguya 05 59 37 72 37
rafting - Canoraft - airyak - hydrospeed - kayak -  on the Nive river
Espelette EKILIBRE 64 Ferme Erreka - quartier Basaburu 06 83 11 52 53
canyoning - sur la Nive
Itxassou EVASION 64 Maison Errola - Quartier Errobi 05 59 29 31 69
rafting - hydrospeed - airyack - canoraft -canyoning - on the Nive river
Jatxou UR EDERRA Route de Villefranque 05 59 37 78 01
raft - mini raft - kayakraft  - cataraft - canoraft - canoe - torpille - on the Nive river
Louhossoa LOISIRS 64 ZI Porte du Labourd route D918 05 59 93 35 65
rafting - canyoning - hydrospeed - on the Nive river
Navarrenx RAFTING 64 Le Pont 05 59 66 04 05
rafting - canoë - On the gave d'Oloron
descente en canoe sur une rivière des landes descente en canoe sur une rivière des landes descente en canoe sur une rivière des landes

The Landes offer a completely different landscape compared to the Basque Country. The beaches extend for miles of fine sand and while the lakes host a number of water sports and activities: canoeing, electric boats, pedalos and windsurfing ... a quiet trip on one of the small rivers will take you deep into some quite amazing natural landscapes.

In the middle of the Landes forest, the descent of the Palue river, which feeds the Natura 2000 classified lake in Leon, meanders through a canopy of greenery and protected fauna and flora.

The descent of the “Courant de Soustons” is a complete change of scenery when compared to the salt-water lake in Port d'Albret, in the heart of the seaside resort Vieux Boucau.

The “Courant d’Huchet” flowing through Vielle Saint Girons, Leon and Moliets over 600 hectares, a protected nature reserve,  the most diverse and the richest in the region in ecosystems and habitat. An unforgettable ride, a series of changing landscapes between swamps, bogs and dunes home to over 200 species of birds, otters, mink, herons, turtles and fish.

Landes Company Address Telephone
Labenne Océan BASE DE CANOE DES PINS BLEUS Avenue de la Plage 05 59 45 41 13
canoë on the Boudigau river
Léon CANOE SURFING 06 87 70 65 55
canoë kayak on La Palue river - Hawïian pirogue - on Leon lake
Léon CHEZ GISOU 130 Rue des Berges 05 58 48 76 06
canoë kayak - electric boat - pédalo - pédalo with tobbogan - on Léon lake
Léon CHEZ VALERIE 170 Les Berges du Lac 06 52 01 14 82
canoë - kayak – pedalos - electric boat - electric jet junior - on Léon lake
Léon LES BATELIERS DU COURANT D'HUCHET 370, les berges du lac 05 58 48 75 39
boat trip in the Galupe (traditional flat bottom boat), on the "courant d'Huchet", from Léon lake to Moliets. 10km in the heart of the "Amazon of the landes"
Soustons LA GODILLE route des Lacs 06 71 99 57 93
Boat trip on Soustons river ou lake
Soustons CENTRE NAUTIQUE DE SOUSTOINS CANO allée de la voile 05 58 41 54 00
canoë kayak on Soustons lake and Port d'Albret - boat trip from Soustons lake to port d'Albret
St Michel Escalus AU PONT NEUF 272 route de Linxe 05 58 48 75 07
canoë kayak on La Palue river
Vielle St Girons AU FIL DE L’EAU Chalet le Marais 05 58 42 99 48
canoë kayak on lake and river
Vieux Boucau CANOE LAND 2 rue Raymond Queneau 05 58 72 61 78
canoë kayak on La Palue river in Léon, on Port d'Albret salt lake in Vieux Boucau, on the Adour river in Mugron
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